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xplore – New Automation Award 2015

Phoenix Contact is hosting, for the sixtht year, the international competition xplore – New Automation Award 2015. The xplore New Automation Award 2015 offers students the opportunity to implement creative and unusual ideas for the automation industry.

Interested students are invited to submit their project ideas in teams by May 31, 2014. The competitors present their ideas in brief application videos (2-3 minutes) so that the jury can gain a comprehensive first impression of the ideas. The eight members of the jury including scientists, academics, and association representatives have to select 100 projects from those submitted. Each of the 100 ideas selected, is awarded a non-monetary bonus of €3,000.

The selected teams then have until February 2015 to implement their projects and send the results. 30 ideas will be nominated, and in March 2015 they will be presented at Phoenix Contact’s site in Bad Pyrmont. Ultimately, the top three teams in each category will be awarded prizes and the seven winners will receive an invite to the Hanover Fair 2015.

All relevant information on the competition and how to take part can be found at or

Phoenix Contact Equipments

  1. ILC1300 –  Phoenix Contact PLC-s
  2. PCworx – Phoenix Contact PC Worx –  
  3. PCvisu+  – Phoenix Contact Visu+ –

Industrial Information Systems Laboratory Photos
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