Multi-protocol gateway for open automation in smart buildings (OPENBMS)
UEFISCDI Innovation cheques 2017 Competition

Summary:The project proposes the design and development of a hardware-software system for data integration and aggregation from intelligent monitoring and control subsystems available in smart buildings. By leveraging the dense instrumentation of modern buildings with extended sensor networks, smart meters, controllers and communication buses, a novel multi-protocol gateway will be developed, which will enable efficient communication with existing commercial BMS solutions, using open-source libraries and tools along with a suitable data mangement system, based on SMAP profiles. Special concern targets the interfacing with dedicated equipment through protocols such as: BACnet/IP, OPC client, ModBus TCP, EIB-KNX/IP, LonWorks, SNMP. The main goal of the project is to allow open automation of smart buildings to enable the implementation of advanced control strategies, such as predictive control for HVAC systems, by aggregating the majority of available data at the building level from heterogeneous subsystems: thermal installations, access control, security etc. The project results will be analyzed in the laboratory and through implementation in a modern building with quantitative and qualitative evaluation for relevant stakeholders: occupants, and facility managers. Considering BMS market concentration with proprietary solutions, the proposed system has a significant market potential as innovative open building automation technology which will enhance the competitiveness of the beneficiary by offering high level technologies. Based on aggregated data at the multi-protocol gateway and the associated information management infrastructure, enhanced software modules can be developed: for energy management, visualization dashboards, mobile applications as well as related services such as predictive maintenance, with considerable intelligent added value.


Main objective:The general project objective consists in the design of a multi-protocol gateway for integration of monitoring and control equipment of various functional subsystems within a smart building. This will enable the transition towards an open automation concept for buildings, as support for new high added value products and services.

Estimated results:The project estimated results, with direct impact at the beneficiary, consist of the development of the range of products and services with increased technological level, based on the latest developments: commercial, open-source and from academia, from the ICT domain, which are applicable to building automation. This will lead to an increase in the number of jobs with intelligent specialisation and the development of new business models based on high added value services.